Fashionable Feasts: What to Wear to Your Holiday Gatherings

Fashionable Feasts: What to Wear to Your Holiday Gatherings

As the holidays approach, so does the looming question of what to wear to Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve gatherings. That means parties galore where people get together to share a great meal and make memories. Cashmere Daisy has you covered with our guide on “What to Wear To Holiday Party.” We'll have you rocking any event this season with a range of stylish pieces perfect for any occasion - So get ready and dress up—it’s time for Fashionable Feasts!


Dress Code for Holiday Parties

The holiday season is approaching, and with it comes the age-old question of "What to wear to holiday parties?" Fear not, dear reader, for Cashmere Daisy has you covered with our guide to understanding the dress code for holiday parties.

  • Type of gathering

  • It's essential to consider the type of gathering, venue, and attendees when selecting your outfit. If the party is more casual, you don't necessarily have to wear formal attire. However, if the event is more formal (think black tie or cocktail dress code), dressing up is a must.

  • Laid-back events

  • For more laid-back events, you can opt for a chic yet comfy cashmere knit or soft sweater paired with velvet trousers for an effortlessly sophisticated look. Alternatively, a casual denim ensemble will do the trick for those daytime events.

  • Fashion That's Stylish and Age-Adapted

  • If you are concerned about your holiday wardrobe for over 40, fear not, as many options are available for creating a holiday wardrobe that's both age-appropriate and stylish. Opt for classic pieces that never go out of style, like a tailored blazer or a statement coat paired with chic yet comfortable shoes. When it comes to holiday wardrobes, dressing appropriately is a sign of respect for the host and other attendees. 

    Chic Outfit Ideas for Holiday Gatherings:

    A holiday wardrobe for a gathering with family and friends should be festive, comfortable, and stylish. Here are a few chic outfit ideas to help you create a flawless and memorable look.

  • An elegant and formal dinner party

  • For an elegant and formal dinner party, consider a classic cocktail dress paired with some statement jewelry. A sequined dress with strappy heels can never go wrong, either. 

  • Casual afternoon get-together

  •  If your holiday party is a more casual afternoon get-together, don't fret. We've got plenty of cozy and stylish options for you, too. Low-key denim with a warm sweater and scarf can look fantastic. 



    Accessories for the Perfect Finishing Touch

    You've nailed down your holiday wardrobe for this season. Accessories are the cherry on top that can take your holiday outfit from drab to fab in seconds. 

  • Jewelry

  • While the right necklace or earrings can elevate an outfit, there's no need to go overboard. A statement piece can draw attention to your best features, but it's best to keep your jewelry simple if you're already wearing a bold print or bright colors.

  • Bags and Clutches:

  • Let's not forget about bags and clutches. These practical accessories can also serve as a fashion statement. A metallic clutch or a colorful bag can add some pizzazz to an otherwise simple outfit. 

  • Layering

  • Layering is also essential when planning your holiday outfit, especially for outdoor events. Be sure to pack your favorite coat or jacket and bring a warm and cozy scarf or shawl to keep you snug.

    For all you fabulous 40-somethings out there, don't forget – you can rock those trendy accessories while staying sweetly 40-something. So, why not dive into the accessory treasure trove and have a blast jazzing up your holiday wardrobe with the perfect finishing touches?

    To Sum Up

    The holiday season is all about tasty food, good company, and looking good while doing it! With our guide on what to wear to a holiday party, you'll be the best-dressed guest at every gathering. From lavish dinner parties to laid-back brunches.

     Cashmere Daisy has covered you with a range of stylish yet comfortable pieces. Whether you opt for a cozy cashmere knit or a chic velvet trousers, our collection will keep you looking and feeling your best. 

    So, what are you waiting for? It's time to dress to impress and spread holiday cheer with fashionable feasts! Happy holidays from Cashmere Daisy.

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